The Family Tour, Part 2: Central PA

The Family Tour, Part 2: Central PA

We left our apartment, and were living with a friend for a few days while we finished up a few things. The day after our choir’s concert at Lincoln Center, we set off to visit my family in Pennsylvania.

The first stop was Harrisburg, to see my Mom. She’s been living there for a few years as the pastor of a Lutheran church in the area. We arrived on a Sunday and were able to spend the day with her before she headed to a week of continuing education a few hours away. She had just come back from a visit with family in Colorado and we happily filled a few hours hearing about everything going on with the mid-west clan. Saying by to her then was easy, knowing that we would see her a week from then in DC (where the goodbye would be a bit harder).

From Harrisburg, we visited my brother Brian, his partner Vanessa, and daughter Caitlin. While with them, we drank beer (multiple times), ate some great food (multiple times), and watched some amazingly funny movies.

Each summer, Brian, Vanessa, and Caitlin host an amazing family get-together in their backyard. We drink some great homebrew, eat some grilled food, play some yard games, and wear matching t-shirts. It’s truly one of the best weekends of the year for both Craig and me. This year, because of this once-in-a-lifetime travel experience, we’re going to miss it, and it kills us. Next year, we’ll be sure to make the event twice as long to make up for it.

After Brian’s place, we headed down to my sister, Katy and her husband Jim and their kids, Tatum and Tucker. When my Dad died, Katy bought the family home from the estate. It’s great to be able to come back to where I grew up every time we visit. As soon as we got there, the kids picked their favorites, and Craig was set to play the piano with Tatum for two days, while I played an Inside Out video game with Tucker. Tatum’s softball game was rained out, but we got to see Tucker play tee-ball, where he certainly looked like he was having a great time, if nothing else!

I’m going to miss my family so much, but am grateful that through facebook and global phone plans, I’ll still be in close touch every day.

Charley Mills

Charley Mills

Charley is an operations specialist who most recently served as Director of Operations for Out Leadership, a global LGBT business organization. Prior to that, he was Director of Operations for the World Scholar’s Cup, an international educational tournament, where he oversaw events in Asia, the Middile East, Africa, and Europe. He is a dedicated fan of craft beer, and is a member of the New York City Master Chorale. He can be reached at

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