In Pictures: Ireland

In Pictures: Ireland


We landed at Dublin Airport and drove directly north to view Newgrange and Knowth – two ancient monuments. Here, you can see some mounds at Knowth.


Our first day in Dublin, we wondered around a bit, only to find kids taking turns jumping into the River Liffey (not an extremely clean river)


About a half hour outside of Dublin is the “Wonderful Barn,” built in the mid-1700s, which has multiple corkscrew silos for storing grain


We visited the Rock of Dunamase – remains of a castle looking out onto the classic green Irish landscape


Looking at Portlaoise Church from the Rock of Dunamase.


We stayed in Limerick for a few days and took some day trips from there. One of them was to the Burren – a vast rocky landscape, which we hiked for most of the day.


A goat spies on us as we hike the Burren.


We visited the Cliffs of Moher. Note the small speck on the top of the cliff in the top left. That’s a person for scale.


On a boat ride to Inis Mor (one of the Aran Islands), we passed Inis Oirr. No joke – the water was actually that color!


A dolphin also chose to travel with us to the Islands.


As we landed on Inis Mor, we saw old and new juxtaposed – new houses against stone fences; power lines above a horse and carriage.


Another view of all of the stone fences that went up and down the hills.


While biking the island, we came across two horses bonding.


We also came across a cow, chewing her cud in a field.


In addition to grassy fields, Inis Mor still has lots of rocks!


Traffic Jam!


A bird visits as we eat lunch.


Near our B&B was Cill Einne cemetery, dating back nearly 1500 years. It’s still the main burial ground on the island.


An old church, slowly being taken back by nature.


Charley Mills

Charley Mills

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