Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile

On February 1, 2017, we finally took our last intercontinental flight, as we flew on LATAM 800 from Auckland to Santiago.

LATAM is a member of the Oneworld airline alliance, meaning we could continue using the American Airlines miles we used to get into and around Australia in style. With some foresight, we made sure to book our flight before March of 2016, when prices increased substantially. Prices have increased by over 60%, but at the time, we booked our incredible business class flight for only 50,000 AAdvantage miles per person! (In today’s prices, this flight would cost 82,500.)

Perhaps the most fun part of this flight was this statue watching guard over the Auckland airport.

As seen in Auckland airport: “on loan from Middle Earth”

For this flight, LATAM uses the wonderful Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s a really spacious and quiet plane, and the coolest part may be the electronic window shades that have no moving parts but rather just use a button for dimming and lightening.

Plenty of legroom in LATAM’s 787 business class cabin! Eleven hours flew by effortlessly!

Seats are lie-flat seats for sleeping, although window seats don’t have direct aisle access.

After reaching Santiago, we spent just a few days there. We did our best to relax and recuperate from our nonstop month in New Zealand, staying in as much as we could and working on our blog and expense tracking. I do have to give a shoutout to the chacarero, a Santiago specialty sandwich that includes a guacamole spread on steak or chicken, with tomatoes and green beans right inside. I first discovered it in Boston years ago and now eat them whenever I see them on the menu!

I first learned about the chacarero in Boston; it’s a Santiago specialty with green beans on it, and it’s delicious!

Santiago also gave us a chance to catch up with our friend from New York, Ander. Ander graciously hosted us at his family’s farm a few hours south of Santiago, and we had a fantastic evening of great wine, great food, incredible company, and cuddling with some new puppies. Muchas gracias, Ander, if you’re reading!!

Hi there, little buddy! One of Ander’s recently rescued fluff buddies.

Craig Chu

Craig Chu

Craig is a credentialed pension actuary who worked most recently as a software developer with Winklevoss Technologies, in Greenwich, CT USA, where he worked to maintain and develop ProVal, the world’s leading software product for pension valuation and forecasting analytics. A proud graduate of Caltech, he is a big fan of all things science-related, as well as (in no particular order of preference) beer, New York City, choral singing, and cats. He can be reached at


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