Haining (海寧), China

[Recapping our trip, 168 days in] After a very meaningful experience in Seoul, we headed to China on Sunday, October 23. After seeing friends in San Sebastian and Krakow, and family in Germany and Seoul, this was going to be our fifth chance to see people we knew. We decided to take the better part of […]

#eastwedswest postscript!

Just wanted to offer one quick update to the our last entry: Westerners are such a rare sight in Haining that a group of thirty of them walking around, including over half a dozen African Americans, triggered a lot of curiosity on Chinese social media! The day after the wedding, we were enjoying an incredible […]

In Pictures: #eastwedswest

We had the privilege of attending a wedding in China in late-March. You can read more about it here.                                                


On March 26, 2016, we had the privilege to witness something truly unique: the traditional Chinese wedding of two of our closest friends. In advance of the large public reception that evening, we were even privy to the preparation of the bridal party beforehand, and it was really something amazing. We landed in Shanghai on […]

In Pictures: Beijing

The Beginning of a Journey: Beijing

“Hetaoyuan Beili” we said repeatedly, pointing at a piece of paper – a printout of an address, written in Chinese, and provided by our Airbnb host. We had just arrived in Beijing, and had opted for a cab to get into the city. The driver spoke no English. He studied the paper for a bit, […]

Beer in Beijing

Having found ourselves in Beijing, based almost entirely on spontaneity and the discovery of affordable airfare, we turned our attention from exploring the standard tourist sites to finding ourselves some good beer. The craft beer scene in Beijing doesn’t seem to be quite as bustling as a lot of its western counterpart cities, but there […]