[Recapping our trip, 179 days in] The day after Charley’s birthday, on Thursday, October 27, we headed to Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve visited China several times before, but this was my first time to Taiwan, officially the “Republic of China.” (This often confuses people; note that China is formally the “People’s Republic of China.”) We actually took […]

In Pictures: Animals

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had an amazing chance to see some animals up close. In Nara, Japan, deer overwhelm the town, and greet everyone with a friendly bow (they’ve learned to do this to receive crackers). On “Monkey Mountain” in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, monkeys have grown so accustomed to hikers, that they just continue […]

In Pictures: Taipei Pride

Taipei Pride might be my favorite Pride so far this year. In addition to enjoying the huge turnout (estimated at 80,000 people), feelings of pride were potent, and the tipping point for marriage equality felt closer than ever before. Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in Asia, with a majority of its residents supporting […]