Recap Eighty-one Days In

On Friday, July 22, we headed from eastern Europe back toward the west, boarding a flight from Bucharest to Berlin. It was our first time flying on airberlin, a member of the Oneworld alliance. By using 7,500 British Airways Avios and a $24 copay per person, we were on our way. The British Airways loyalty program […]

In Pictures: Berlin Pride

I’m typically very nervous to talk to people, so for Berlin Pride, I decided to conquer that a bit and approached people to ask if I could take their pic. A scary thing!! The theme of this pride was “danke für nichts” which translates to “thanks for nothing.” Although progressive in many areas, Germany still […]

Recap Sixty-three Days In

After witnessing Pride in Cologne and spending an extra couple days there enjoying the city, it became time to meet up with Charley’s mom Jan. Over the course of our trip, we’re hoping to meet as many family members as we can overseas, when they have the time available to come see us, and it […]

In Pictures: Whirlwind Week

From June 27th to July 6th, it was practically non-stop through multiple countries. We started by spending a few days in Brussels to relax and drink some great Belgian beer. We then took a train to Paris for Pride there. After less than 48 hours, we took a train early in the morning to catch […]

Recap Fifty-five Days In

From Brussels, we took a July 1 train to Paris (where we continued our run of free hotel nights), hoping to see what Pride festivities the city had to offer. You can look at Charley’s professional quality photos here, but just to summarize, it was a really great time. This was my third time being […]

In Pictures: Cologne Pride


Eleven Free Hotel Nights

Eleven of our last twelve hotel nights have been free. (If you consider our timeshare exchange to be free as well, you could add another seven free nights onto that total.) By understanding and using hotel chain loyalty programs (and one third party site), I’ve tried to milk every free penny we’ve got coming, and I […]