Great Britain

Recap Fifty-one Days In

Upon leaving Tangier on June 17, we flew to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. (You can read here about our nearly free lodging while there, and/or take a look at¬†Charley’s masterful photos of our time.) Tenerife was a good chance for us to slow down a bit, as our trip has been a lot of […]

In Pictures: London Pride

It was a whirlwind trip for London Pride – we got in Friday evening at around midnight, caught a few hours sleep, and then headed out to Pride on Saturday morning. Sunday, we got up and went to the train station to head to Brussels. Pride was wonderful, with important themes running throughout that centered […]

In Pictures: Birmingham Pride


Checkup Fifteen Days In

Greetings to everyone from Birmingham, England! Charley and I have been on the road for just over two weeks now, and it’s worth checking in to talk about how things are going. We found a great shortstay apartment here in Birmingham by the name of City Nites, and having a whole apartment to ourselves (which […]