In Pictures: Cologne Pride


Recap Fifty-one Days In

Upon leaving Tangier on June 17, we flew to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. (You can read here about our nearly free lodging while there, and/or take a look at Charley’s masterful photos of our time.) Tenerife was a good chance for us to slow down a bit, as our trip has been a lot of […]

In Pictures: Paris Pride


Eleven Free Hotel Nights

Eleven of our last twelve hotel nights have been free. (If you consider our timeshare exchange to be free as well, you could add another seven free nights onto that total.) By understanding and using hotel chain loyalty programs (and one third party site), I’ve tried to milk every free penny we’ve got coming, and I […]

In Pictures: London Pride

It was a whirlwind trip for London Pride – we got in Friday evening at around midnight, caught a few hours sleep, and then headed out to Pride on Saturday morning. Sunday, we got up and went to the train station to head to Brussels. Pride was wonderful, with important themes running throughout that centered […]

In Pictures: Tenerife


Tenerife on a Timeshare!

I’m writing to you from Reina Sofia airport, in the south of Tenerife, Spain. We just finished a wonderful relaxing week at the CLC Sunningdale Village resort here. Charley and I normally don’t need high levels of luxury and are just as happy staying in a small studio in a city center as we are […]

In Pictures: Spain

We spent 11 days in Spain – mostly in San Sebastián and Málaga. Much of the time was spent wandering these beautiful cities aimlessly, getting lost in the side-streets of their large pedestrian areas.

Recap Thirty-One Days In

It’s been another nine days since our last recap, and I thought it might be worth talking about what we’ve been doing since leaving Biarritz, France, the location of our last recap. Today, we write to you from Málaga, Spain, where we’ve spent the last five days. After a real whirlwind for the first three […]

Beginner Travel Tips: Power Outlets

Hi friends! We know we have a lot of friends and family reading this, and all those readers have really different levels of travel experience. I thought it would be nice to pass along some of the tips and product recommendations we have for international travel, and that means right now I’m going to talk […]

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