Recap Eighty-eight Days In: The Netherlands

On Monday August 1, we grabbed a short flight from Prague into the Netherlands. We took a short break from seeing major world cities to rent a car and drive into a small town, Sommelsdijk, a couple hours south of Amsterdam by car. Sommelsdijk isn’t normally on a lot of tourists’ maps, but we had […]

In Pictures: Czech Republic

Craig outlined our time in Prague in his post earlier this week. Here are a few photos from the visit.            

In Pictures: Berlin Pride

I’m typically very nervous to talk to people, so for Berlin Pride, I decided to conquer that a bit and approached people to ask if I could take their pic. A scary thing!! The theme of this pride was “danke für nichts” which translates to “thanks for nothing.” Although progressive in many areas, Germany still […]

In Pictures: Bulgaria and Romania

We spent 5 days in Bulgaria, and while there, I was obsessed with the trams, so apologies for the large amount of pictures of them! In Romania, most of the time was spent wandering around Bucharest, but we did take a day-trip to see some historical sites related to Vlad Țepeș (aka Vlad the Impaler). For […]

Recap Seventy-two Days In: Eastern Europe

After a wonderful week in Germany, it was time to branch out and see a couple destinations outside of western Europe. On July 13, we took a nice flight from Frankfurt airport to Sofia, Bulgaria. We were excited to see eastern Europe, but it was kind of jarring to land and find ourselves unable to […]

In Pictures: Whirlwind Week

From June 27th to July 6th, it was practically non-stop through multiple countries. We started by spending a few days in Brussels to relax and drink some great Belgian beer. We then took a train to Paris for Pride there. After less than 48 hours, we took a train early in the morning to catch […]

In Pictures: Cologne Pride


Recap Fifty-one Days In

Upon leaving Tangier on June 17, we flew to Tenerife in the Canary Islands. (You can read here about our nearly free lodging while there, and/or take a look at Charley’s masterful photos of our time.) Tenerife was a good chance for us to slow down a bit, as our trip has been a lot of […]

In Pictures: Paris Pride


In Pictures: London Pride

It was a whirlwind trip for London Pride – we got in Friday evening at around midnight, caught a few hours sleep, and then headed out to Pride on Saturday morning. Sunday, we got up and went to the train station to head to Brussels. Pride was wonderful, with important themes running throughout that centered […]

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