A Month of Learnings

Craig and I have been traveling for nearly a month now, and there are a few things that we’ve discovered – unexpected learnings that have either made our trip easier, or have just been of enough interest to take note: Google’s Live Translation As we prepared to travel, we knew that we’d have to translate […]

Recap Twenty-two Days In

Friends, we write to you today from Biarritz, France, where we arrived yesterday. It’s our first stop outside of the British Isles (and our first non-English speaking destination). We’re here only for a couple days before taking a bus to nearby San Sebastian, Spain, but it seemed like a good time for a quick recap […]

In Pictures: Birmingham Pride


Checkup Fifteen Days In

Greetings to everyone from Birmingham, England! Charley and I have been on the road for just over two weeks now, and it’s worth checking in to talk about how things are going. We found a great shortstay apartment here in Birmingham by the name of City Nites, and having a whole apartment to ourselves (which […]

Ireland and its Landmarks

There are hundreds and hundreds of castles in Ireland – many more than a thousand years old. On top of that, there are at least as many churches, barns, and towers. As Craig and I picked up the rental car, we drove directly to Newgrange and Knowth. En route, we saw a sign on the […]

Beginner Travel Tips: Saving Money Overseas

When the host of the adorable Bed & Breakfast on the Aran Islands asked me if I wanted her to charge my credit card in Euros or U.S. Dollars, I responded, “Oh, Euros please.” This sounds counter-intuitive if you’re not an experienced international traveler, but I promise it makes sense. There are plenty of costs […]

In Pictures: Ireland


Budgeting Five Days In

We’ve been on our world tour for less than a week now, and we’re very quickly learning what’s easier and what’s harder than we expected. Case in point: one of the things we were most curious about is turning out to be one of the hardest to track. Before we started, we were curious how […]

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