Delhi and Agra, India

Delhi and Agra, India

[Recapping our trip, 227 days in]

Thursday, December 22, we headed from Nepal to India. We only had a couple days in India, primarily to catch our (incredible world-class) flight to Australia. Be sure to read all about it if you haven’t already!

When we arrived in Delhi, we learned for the first time about the insane cash crisis triggered in November. We had a Hell of a time trying to do even basic tasks, having to rely on smartphone apps and simply staying in our hotel whenever possible to eat at the hotel restaurant. All that aside, we did use one of our days to take a day tour to nearby Agra, home of the Taj Mahal and the lesser known Agra Fort. Our guide for the day, named Islam, was fantastic and helped us to get all the best photos to remember the day.

We spent a morning in Delhi looking for a functioning ATM. This one took an hour wait, and a bird pooped on me while I was in line! (We still weren’t able to get cash.)

Entry into the Taj Mahal

It’s hard to feel the scope of the Taj Mahal’s size, unless you can see how tiny people are as they line up to enter.

Every nook and cranny is absolutely stunning, and made completely of inlaid marble.

A couple locals wanted a picture with us for some reason. Maybe it was because of our hair?

The landscaping and manicuring of the entire area is flawless.

One major tragedy of such an incredible marble piece of art is that thieves over the years have chipped out many of the precious stones, just leaving sad gaps in the facade.

Lighter than I thought it would be!

Charley feels like a giant!

Thanks, Agra. You were beautiful!

Craig Chu

Craig Chu

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